About Us


Our Company

Folk Magic Soaps is an artisan goat milk soap maker of East Lyme, Connecticut. We hand-pour our carefully crafted, all-natural soaps using authentic, primitive methods.

The aim of Folk Magic Soaps is to be as transparent as possible in our ingredients, our sources, and our process of creating our soaps. The ingredients we use are extensively listed on our site. Many of our hand-crafted soaps are scented with only with real essential oils: the pure oils of the plant from which they were extracted. Our soaps scented with fragrance oils (man-made) are clearly labeled as such. We color our soaps using botanical ingredients such as wheatgrass, beetroot, earth clay, and activated charcoal, which also add healthful properties. Our soaps are made with the maximum amount of goat’s milk possible. This milk comes from our own dairy herd of Anglo Nubian goats. We are happy to offer any of our soaps in a vegan formulation as well for Special Orders. Our bars of soap are hand-cut and generously sized, and are perfectly presented with minimal repurposed or recycled packaging.

Our homestead is committed to buying our ingredients from local suppliers when possible. We are very supportive of healthful and sustainable living practices. This is why we don’t use palm oil or many other tropical oils in our soaps. Many of our soaps are lard and tallow soaps, which is a local and renewable resource. We believe that all parts of a harvested animal should go to good use, and that none is wasted.

Folk Magic Soaps is a division of Bright and Beautiful Homestead, LLC.

Our Goats

As strong supporters of animal rights, we give our small herd of Nubian dairy goats our best care. Along with lots of organic bananas (their favorite treat), our goats enjoy time off after milking to raise and play with their kids. Female goats are in their second or third year before they are bred for the first time, as milk production only happens once baby goats are born (just like humans). Baby girl goats join our dairy herd, or are sold or traded with other goat farms to diversify and strengthen our breeding program. Baby boy goats don’t produce milk, so they are neutered and become part of the landscaping crew at our sister company, Bright and Beautiful Property Care, LLC. They are also trained as recreational pack-goats, or are sold in pairs as farm and family companions.

Interested in owning a superb pair of hiking buddies that will eat your weeds, and make you laugh? Owning goats takes a bit of planning, but they are surprisingly easy to care for. Contact us at to see if we’ve got your two new besties waiting for you.

Our Founder

Melissa Miko, Executive Soap Maker and Managing Member, is an East Lyme, Connecticut native. Miko has raised dairy goats since 2011. Additionally, she is a proud mother, accountant, and homesteader. Alongside her partner Luke and their children Hunter Stone and Briar Raven, Miko raises produce and herbs as well as turkeys, ducks, and chickens for eggs. Miko is the Secretary of the East Lyme Agribusiness Subcommittee, Visitor Host of the Coastal Chapter of Business Networking International (BNI), and is training to become a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator. A true Do-It-Yourselfer, Miko is a proponent of the locavore, self-sustainability, homebirth, homeschool, homesteading, green-libertarian and environmentalist movements.